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In a world full of website builder tools and platforms that promise the earth, but lock you in to ongoing fees and extra costs to add the functionality you need, Dissolve is here to show you a different way.

A solution to planning and building a website that you own, that you can host where you choose, and where you have an ever-growing set of tutorials and resources to take you through everything from planning the pages to guidance on copywriting that speaks to your ideal client.

A place where you have access to me, Chris Wilcox, via our own private Discord server, private Facebook group, and regular live video masterclasses where you can ask your questions live, and get 15 minutes of my dedicated time to help and answer.

About Chris

I launched my own website design business (Light Bulb Web Design) in 2014.

Since then, I've refined and developed the skills needed to create amazing websites for my clients. I've focused on a core set of tools that let us create bespoke websites that let us incorporate things like memberships, ecommerce, forums, and much more.

However, I know that many people want to build their own website - whether for their own business, charity, or organisation.

So, that's why I created Dissolve - a place where you can come to learn exactly what you need to build your own professional website. A website which avoids the pitfalls of many home-built websites, one where you literally have access to my skills - all distilled into video tutorials and guides that take you through everything you need to consider.

Chris Wilcox

What some of the members have said about Dissolve

Dissolve is one of the best investments I have ever made in my business! After wasting years on a crappy WSIWYG site to save money, I came to a point where I needed my site to do more than it was capable of. While I might have added 43 menu pages and paid more per month than the highest cost all in one platform, I got lucky and found Chris. I hadn't reached a stage in my biz where I could just shell out to have it done for me, (plus I'm a bit of a control freak and like to know how things work), and I didn't have the tools at the dreaded "W" to do what I wanted myself.

Not only is it worth having real training from a real web designer for every tiny step, but Dissolve is SO MUCH MORE than that. A community of help when something doesn't work the way it should, or when adding 3rd party things that aren't in the training, plus design/content/branding help in the training, I now have a website in progress that can shift as I do, and Chris in my pocket to help me through each change, add on, etc.

Having access to a real web designer, using real, professional software, and having on tap help to build and tweak my vision, is worth 100x what Dissolve costs. I am never leaving this community, even if it's seemingly "not in use" because my site is "finished" in that moment. because things will come up, new things will desire to be added, and sometimes, the internet breaks things. Having Chris in the back corner to rescue me and my professional site is a no brainer.

I can't tell you how smug and pleased with myself I'm feeling for choosing to join Dissolve - easily one of the best decisions I've made in the last year.

I was so stressed looking at options for creating a whole new website from scratch - everything looked so costly and complicated but then you stepped in talking about another way and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

You've been so approachable and no question has been treated as stupid - this is a big deal for those of us with only a basic level of knowledge.

The tutorials inside are brilliant and there is such a feeling of safety in knowing that you're right there to answer questions and help out with any part of it all, the whole way through.

I love what I've been able to create and that I'm in control of it, with an expert web designer in my pocket. And I'm really looking forward to welcoming people into the membership side of it very soon.

I've been happily recommending you to lots of people and will keep doing so because what you've created with Dissolve is worth its weight in gold.

The platform and tools

Dissolve shows you how to install, setup, build, and maintain your own website using the Joomla CMS (content management system).

Using tools from JoomShaper, you start with an empty website which you can download from inside of your membership dashboard inside Dissolve.

Joomla is a highly flexible and secure platform, and has an amazing amount of built in tools to help with things like SEO (search engine optimisation), page loading speed enhancements, user access control to let you set up a membership site with a low-cost extension, and the ability to add features such as a blog or e-commerce solution.

How to build my own website
How to build my own website

The Results

Susan is one of our first members to complete her website and get it published. Her own membership is now open, and it has been a pleasure to help get her own website up and running!

The tutorials inside of Dissolve are not just those I think are required - since Dissolve opened to founding members in April 2022, I've added many new tutorials based on what my members have asked for.

The platform and tools I teach inside of Dissolve are the exact same ones we use at Light Bulb Web Design - if you'd like to see some of the work and possibilities, take a look at the Case Studies section there - we'll be sharing more of the Dissolve member results as soon as they are ready to share!

A sneak preview of some of the tutorials for members

How to build my own website
How to build my own website
Build your own website tools

What else do I need?

You'll need your own website hosting and domain name - this usually costs around £5 per month for hosting, and a domain name is normally £5-£10 per year.

Inside Dissolve, you can access a pre-configured empty website, all ready to go with the software and tools I teach you as a member - however, I cannot legally licence some of them to pass on, so to use some of the more advanced features, you will need your own licence for SP PageBuilder Pro - with the Dissolve member discount code, this is around £35 per year.

Here's how it works

This video shows me creating a website live, using the exact same tools I help you learn inside of Dissolve.

From creating custom page layouts to setting colours and fonts, you have my expert support through our Facebook group and Discord, along with fortnightly Zoom Mastermind calls where you can bring your questions and get 15 minutes of dedicated time, just for you. It's always a safe space, where nobody is judged, and everyone is here to help each other :)

Having used Joomla for over 20 years, and SP PageBuilder Pro for more than 6, Dissolve is my way of sharing my knowledge about using them to get the best possible results for your business website.

So how do I join?

We've got three payment options for you, and all come with exactly the same access to everything Dissolve has to offer!

I only open up the membership every 3 months, so I can be 100% certain that all new members get the welcome they deserve - it can be scary to dive into something like building your own website, and everyone inside of Dissolve is there to make sure you don't feel lost!

We're launching soon!
Come back on April 18th (UK date/time) and grab your founding members place!

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